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In recent years, Israel and the entire world have been increasingly recognizing the unique needs and problems faced by young women aged 18-25. Women of this age group must deal with numerous issues such as economic stability, housing, marital status, career choice, and more. Among young women without family backing or financial support from family members, these struggles are usually followed by many more difficulties. There are many support systems for helping girls up to the age of 18. However, after the age of 18, many young women find themselves alone and helpless.

Itach-Maaki supports a national group of young women activists from various backgrounds who act to change policy on this issue. We support the group in collaboration with the Women’s Courtyard and the Forum of Young Women’s NGOs. The group’s goal is to motivate critical thinking for pushing the issue on the public agenda and changing the prevailing perception that policy towards young women is shaped without their participation and without their knowledge.


צעירות אקטיביסטיות


Video produced by group 

In addition, the Association operates under the auspices of the Forum of Young Women’s NGOs on various policy aspects to advance young women issues and place them on the public agenda. One example of this is the recent achievement in the struggle to obtain a budget of NIS 2.2 million for subsidized housing for young women who do not have family backing.



Website – Forum of Young Women’s NGOs

Team member:

Attorney Reut Cohen

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