Eradicating Sexual Violence in the Health System

This project stemmed from the living experience of women in the healthcare system in Israel who participated in the “Legal Feminism” clinic that Itach-Ma’aki ran recently. We have learned that this topic is of burning relevance to women of diverse backgrounds, and is personally known to many of us. We understood the challenges inherent to a relationship between doctor and patient, which embody the complex relationships of power and force that have existed for years. As part of the Legal Feminism Clinic, we published a groundbreaking position paper  on the subject.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the issue among patients and within the health care system, as well as to create lasting policy changes that will address the complaints and treatment of women who have been sexually abused by caregivers.

The project includes the setting up of an active group of affected women and advocating for policy change to eradicate this phenomenon from society.