Located in the center of Israel, the Arab city of Tayibe is recovering from a financial and organizational crisis that took place in the past few years. While its residents face many economic and social challenges, women and girls face the additional challenges of  gender discrimination, gender gaps, safety, employment stability, transportation, and more.

The Work Process

The City for All Process in Taybeh (2017-2018) was led by Dr. Nehaya Habib, who was the first woman elected to the Taybeh City Council. City for All in Taybeh worked with a group of women leaders from the city and with the full support of the Mayor, Adv. Shoua Masarwa.


With Itach Maaki’s help,

  • Training was given to senior city officials on gender equality and gender mainstreaming
  • Four round Tables were held in the city with women, men and city senior officials and employees along with civil society and the business sector
  • A City for All convention and Action Plan was drafted and adopted by the Mayor and city council
  • An Advisor on the Advancement of Women was appointed in Taybeh, after an extended choosing period during which that seat remained empty.
  • A municipal center for women was opened by the city in 2019.
  • The city was able to secure specific days where the municipal swimming pool would be exclusively open for women, and we helped establish a sports center for women in Tabyeh as well.



Taibe City for All Convention and Action Plan, December 2019 Pdf (Arabic / Hebrew)