Promoting Gender Equality

in Local governance in Israel

What We Do


Consulting with local governments and gender equality advisors  to create ‘City For All’ work plans. 


Incorporating diverse gender perspectives into local government, through consultation and policy change.


Educating and training city officials on different approaches to addressing gender inequity through local governance. ‎


Providing ongoing guidance to ensure the successful implementation of the City for All action plan in each locality.


Make cities and local communities inclusive, safe, resilient and inclusive for all genders and minority populations, whose diverse needs are heard and attended to by local government’s leadership.

Our Partners

Since 2018, we have partnered with six Israeli local authorities to create gender equality action plans and to incorporate gender equality into the local authority’s work plans.

Meet Our Supporters

Our activity is made possible by the generosity of many organizations and visionaries that share our passion for equality and inclusion.
They are not only our supporters; they are our partners in success.

The City for All project is led by a diverse, devoted and professional team of volunteers, attorneys and activists from all sectors of Israeli society.