1325 – Conducting Political Negotiations
from a Gender Perspective

“If those existing tools have not helped to promote a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for decades, our job is to expand our consciousness and find additional tools for conducting political negotiations.”

Few women participate in diplomatic negotiations on behalf of the State of Israel, and even fewer are involved in Track II – the secret informal talks that regularly occur between Israel and Palestine.

The underrepresentation of women, particularly from minority groups, in these dialogue channels means that the needs of the entire population are not fully addressed. Incorporating a gender perspective into the discussions broadens the understanding of security that countries must provide for their citizens and significantly increases the likelihood of reaching a sustainable agreement.


To increase the number of women who can participate in these discussions, we at Itach-Maaki launched an innovative, groundbreaking training program focused on conducting political negotiations from a gender perspective. Funded by MEPI, the U.S. Embassy, and the Canadian government, the training involved 52 Palestinian and Jewish women holding senior positions in Israeli society.


During a series of meetings held at various embassies, participants gained tools and practical knowledge that will empower them to actively engage in negotiations to promote peace and security. Together, we learned from the unique experiences of experts representing their countries in gender-inclusive negotiations and opened diplomatic doors for them to establish future networking circles. In doing so, we created a strong female foundation capable of breaking through and integrating into any future negotiations, ensuring that decision-making also incorporates a gender perspective.