Team members of the Center

Adv. Netta Loevy - Co-Director, Center for Women, Peace and Security

Ms. Loevy is an attorney and policy advocate at “Itach-Maaki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice,” an NGO dedicated to promoting women’s rights in Israel since 2012. She began her career as an attorney at the Hotline, where she supervised the founding of the National Kindergarten Assistants’ Organization to enhance their working conditions. Since 2015, she has spearheaded the project to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325, with the goal of involving more women from diverse population groups in key decision-making roles regarding peace and security issues, as well as incorporating a gender perspective into political discourse.

Ms. Loevy holds a master’s degree in law (with honors) from the MUSA: Law and Other Languages for a Just Society in Israel program at the College of Management and the Van Leer Institute. She earned her bachelor’s degree in law from Tel Aviv University and another bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy from the same university.

Previously, she worked as a journalist at the IDF radio station, Galei Tzahal, and other radio stations; she also worked at the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper and the main edition of Channel 10 TV news.

Ms. Loevy has directed two documentaries: Woman from the Bubble, which focuses on sign language interpreter Lee Dan and the world of deaf individuals in Israel (Yes Docu – 2007); and World Class Kids, which follows a class of second-graders at a school in the heart of Tel Aviv, where a Filipino boy, a Chinese boy, and an Arab boy from Jaffa are grouped with Jewish children from various population groups (Yes Docu – 2010). The film was screened at numerous festivals in Israel and internationally, winning the Spirit of Freedom award at the 2010 Jerusalem Film Festival and first prize at the 2011 Korea International Festival of Documentary Films on Education.


Dr. Nida Shoughry- Co-Director, Center for Women, Peace and Security

Dr. Shoughry is a lecturer, researcher, and writer specializing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, media and politics, social movement theory, and more. She joined Itach-Maaki in 2022 and currently serves as a co-director of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 Project – Women, Peace, and Security.

As a former journalist and activist, Dr. Shoughry is dedicated to promoting human rights and cultural diversity. She is the author of the book Israeli-Arab Political Mobilization: Between Acquiescence, Participation, and Resistance.

Dr. Shoughry holds a PhD in international politics from the University of Wales, UK; a master’s degree in journalism from Emerson College, Massachusetts, USA; and a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, and English language from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a graduate of the Fulbright Program and the esteemed Mandel Program for Social Leadership.


Adv. Ella Alon - CEO
Oshrat Ben Shimshon - Spokesperson and Director of Communications Strategy
Hadiyah Kayoof - Digital and content manager
Bella Sapir - Operations and Administration Director
Shira Wiesel - Chief Financial Officer
Stav Salpeter - Director of International Relations and Development