1325 – Forming Mechanisms for Collaboration of Israeli and Palestinian Women

In June 2020, we established a joint steering committee of Israeli and Palestinian women to promote the principles of Resolution 1325. Initially formed to plan a joint public conference marking the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, the conference, held online, focused on protecting women from violence through roundtable discussions on issues such as safeguarding women activists, the consequences of the occupation on women, and domestic violence. Following the conference’s success, the Steering Committee members decided to continue their unique cooperation and develop new policy tools to promote the effectiveness of the 1325 principles in the Israel-Palestine reality.

In the wake of the violent events in May 2021, the Committee members initiated a joint call by Israeli and Palestinian women and organizations to conduct negotiations based on Resolution 1325 principles. This call, co-written with Nabila Espanioly, reached local and global leaders and was discussed at the UN Security Council.

The Joint Steering Committee also initiated a gender-based opinion letter on the eviction of families from Sheikh Jarrah, submitted to the Attorney General to urge an examination of the decision-making process in commitment to Resolution 1325.

One of the team’s goals is to lay the groundwork for establishing a joint body to promote gender equality, which will accompany any diplomatic procedure, whether formal or informal. As part of the preparatory work, Steering Committee members met with inspiring women from all over the world who led similar initiatives, including Avila Kilmurray, co-founder of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition, which played a key role in the Good Friday Agreement; Simone Susskind, a former senator from Belgium, and Dr. Araceli Garcia del Soto whose work led to the incorporation of gender-based thinking in the peace process in Colombia.

The Joint Steering Committee members are involved in strategic planning and consultation for training on political negotiations from a gender perspective. Additionally, the Steering Committee supports the establishment of joint working groups for Israeli and Palestinian women to discuss conflict-related issues. Each group will focus on a central topic, and a position paper will be published highlighting gender equality in a future peace agreement.