200,000 נשים
נפגעות אלימות
ובסכנת חיים

The “Protection” goal in decision 1325 creates a systematic commitment of countries for guarding and protecting women, teens, and children from all groups of the population against the different types of violence directed at them- in private and public spheres.
This goal acknowledges violence against women as a type of violence with unique characteristics and places a mandate on the country to work for its prevention- first and foremost by increasing the awareness to the phenomenon: whether it’s sexual, physical, mental, or economical violence.
The action plan that we have devised over two years of work and discussions, together with over thirty civil society organizations, offers a network of collaborations between women, and takes under consideration the fact that protection also includes security; Including protection from violence in private and public spheres, a pause on the ongoing state of fighting, guarding political, social, and economic rights, freedom from religious coercion, giving an equal opportunity to women from diverse communities, freedom from depression that comes from deprivation of rights, and freedom from violence that sows destruction and death. As well as total eradication of the murder of women in the family along with a zero-tolerance policy toward the phenomenon.

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