1325 Resource Portal

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Twenty years have passed since the UN Security Council’s historic decision, Resolution 1325, calling for the representation of women, from a variety of backgrounds, in the places where peace and security decisions are made; the protection of women from all forms of violence; and the integration of gender considerations into peace and security issues.

To mark the occasion, Itach-Ma’aki held a series of online events on UNSCR 1325, focusing on issues such as: violence against women in society and politics; Jewish-Arab partnership in the feminist field; peace and security; foreign feminist policies, women in peace negotiations; the intersection of gender, security and climate change, and more.

At the end of the series of events, we realized that a significant knowledge base has been created here that can help anyone who is interested and wants to work on the advancement of gender equality in Israeli society.

We are grateful for the support of our generous sponsors, who made this Resource Portal possible