1325 – Reducing the prevalence of firearms in the public sphere

Guns on the streets endanger us rather than protect us. 


Empirical data consistently shows that the widespread presence of firearms in the State of Israel causes more harm to innocent people than it does to prevent terrorism. The increasing number of requests for civilian gun permits and the push to expand the number of individuals allowed to carry firearms are particularly concerning at a time when fear, hatred, and mistrust between Jews and Arabs are escalating. Women are often the primary victims of the proliferation of firearms among civilians, and the government must ensure their protection, partly due to its commitment to UN Security Council Resolution 1325.


As part of our efforts, Itach-Ma’aki actively participates in The Gun is on the Kitchen Table Coalition, a project aimed at reducing the prevalence of small arms and removing them from civilian spaces based on gender-sensitive knowledge and understanding in order to decrease violence resulting from the prevalence of firearms.


In collaboration with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Itach-Maaki has spearheaded the petition against the government’s firearms reform and is advocating for the government to reduce the prevalence of firearms, grounded in Resolution 1325 and the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.