Women, Peace and Security- Resolution 1325

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UN Security Council Resolution 1325 adopted in 2000 states that UN member states should act to ensure equal participation of women in all decision-making, protect them from violence and include gender assessment of diverse groups of women to prevent violence and promote peace.

The State of Israel was the first country to adopt legislation on the subject by adding section 6c1 to the Women’s Equal Rights Law, which states that it is mandatory to integrate women from various groups on public committees and national policy-making teams appointed by the government.

Since 2007, Itach-Ma’aki has been working to implement the requirements of Section 6C1 and to promote representation of women from diverse population groups in various government bodies. As part of this process, the Association has filed seven petitions with the High Court of Justice over the years against those bodies that have not implemented the requirements of the law.


Promoting a comprehensive plan of action for the implementation of Resolution 1325 in Israel


Subsequent to the High Court of Justice petitions filed by Itach-Ma’aki in collaboration with other women’s organizations and in view of the considerable progress made in implementing the law, in 2012 the Association began to work on promoting the adoption of a government plan of action for implementing all aspects of Resolution 1325. As part of this activity, the Association has developed, together with The Van Leer Institute for the Advancement of Women in the Public Arena and in collaboration with dozens of women’s and human rights organizations, a comprehensive plan of action for the full implementation of Resolution 1325 in Israel.

Plan of Action in HebrewArabic and English

A short video on the formulation a comprehensive plan of action among women’s organizations

As a result of this activity, in 2014, a government decision was adopted to set up a task-force for formulating a government plan of action to implement the various aspects of Resolution 1325.

Link to Government Decision 2331 of December 14, 2014 regarding the progress of a government plan of action.

Building a shared future – Women Leaders for Peace


Since 2016, a dramatic process was set in motion to introduce and implement Resolution 1325 among diverse and wide-ranging groups within Israeli society. In cooperation with Women Bringing Peace and Midreshet Adam, we trained 500 women on the issues raised in Resolution 1325, activism and social change, so that they will work creatively to advance these issues in various circles.


For information about workshops and registration contact us at email@itach.org.il

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